Washoe Warrior Society

An Organization of the People Since 2009.

WZGT is classified as a 501(c)(3); Public Charity


Washiw Zulshish Goom Tahn–Nu is committed to create, promote and mentor leadership and healthy lifestyles for the Washoe people and thier families. We are committed to demonstrate respect to everyone who wants to join this goom tahn-nu (society). We are committed to instill respect for the land, the water and the animals who dwell on the land. Our land contains our history, our legends and the wild plants and animals that once fed us. The land contains our medicine as well as our traditional food. Native People have always protected and preserved their land and water.

WZGT Board of Directors, 2021

A Message from Our WZGT Chairmen:

“The time for us to come together is Now!”  WZGT Chairmen Frank Grayshield sends an urgent message to the People who reside in Washoe traditional homelands. Select the “play” button and listen to the words of WZGT Chairmen.